An ornament inspired project (Part 2) Apollo & The Fox

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Righty ho! This is part 2 of my little series that I'm doing called An Ornament Inspired Project. If this is your first time reading this, go read PART 1 to find out whats going on and then come back to this post. But today we are gonna be discussing how I created Apollo's look.

(Again with the iPod pics, I'm sorry next time I do one of these projects i'll make an effort to take half decent work in progress pics)

The Doll
So Apollo was actually a thrift store find, and when I was creating this dress I just looked up at my doll shelf and she just screamed "I'M THE PREFECT ONE FOR THIS LOOK" and thats basically how I chose who I was gonna use as the model for this dress.

So for both of these dresses I was going for the retro vibe, 1950's (hopefully the right era) So I had the dress pattern now I needed to look at my muse and find out how I was gonna do this. 

He was so dirty oh my gosh! A bit of warm water and scrubbing with a toothbrush cleaned him up nicely.
The Muse 

The main thing that I wanted to incorporate into my dress design was:
1. the outfit needed to be pale blue outlined by dark blue to match his sailor costume.
2. I wanted to add a little bit of red in there, to represent his life floatation device, oh my gosh I can't remember the name of that thing..

The Design
So now I had kinda planned it out, I attempted to sketch up a deign
So the colours I wanted to work with,
Red, Navy blue, Sky Blue. white

Now I didn't want it to look exactly like the ornament so I decided that the dark blue/ outlining fabric will be floral. To add a bit of femininity to the outfit. 
(Hahaha can you see how I've spelt the word femininity on the design! Go Lydia! You can spell! )

The Hair
So I brainstormed a few ideas for how I wanted her hair to look like. I wanted to add the splash of red as a hair accessory and I tried the headscarf look but it looked really off..

google images
google images
google images

I played around with different headscarves but none of them were tooting my horn. So I eventually tied a small bit around her neck as a neckerchief and it was just perfect!
But with a little bit of toothbrushing her hair went into this nice curl and some sunny's ontop really helped the look!


For choosing fabrics, I had a light blue in mind. And I knew I was going to use that for the main dress so I looked through my fabric box and found a floral fabric that I liked that look off for the contrasting/bordering material.
I actually used left overs from what I used to make Cas's sundress in this post.

Now for choosing the red fabric. I only wanted a small thing made out of red. Keeping with the retro theme, I made a simple neck scarf.  Because as you know headscarf didn't work out for me.

I decided on the solid red this time because the spots were rather large for what I was wanted to sew, maybe another time spotty.

Now came my favorite bit, adding accessories! 
I found a red barbie purse and it was perfect! 
The pair of sunglasses really just make the look so me personally :)
And I left the earrings that she was originally with because they are super pretty! 

Well that brings us to the end of the making of Apollo's fox inspired outfit! I actually had so much fun making this! And I have a really like 4th of July BBQ feel from this outfit! Did you guys get those vibes? i did. Whelp hopefully I'll have Oregon's up in the next week! :D
Please if you have any question or suggestions leave them down below! :-*
Happy doll loving!

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  1. You should see a Disney princess dress for your dolls! (AG or Barbie)

    1. That's such a good idea Bella! I'm definitely gonna add that to my list of things to sew and try experiment with some things 😏 Thanks so much!


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