Kendall before the 'eye fix' O_o

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hi guys! I have many photos/photoshoots that I am going to be uploading onto my blog over the next wee while just so I have a place where I can keep them all in the same place. I have posted them on my Instagram (@lydias.dolls) but I want them to be organized and in bigger sizes. 

 Anyways these were the last pictures I took before I attempted to fix Kendall's wonky eye. I'm still kinda regretting it but oh well, maybe this will make me pucker up the courage to re-fix them... is that even a word :D

These pics were taken when her skin was still quite oily too.. ah the problems of being a doll! Well hope you enjoyed this quick post :)
Happy Doll Loving


A gift from Me And My Princess Boutique

Friday, November 25, 2016

Hello all! Well for many of you, this past week you will have celebrated thanksgiving.  I hope you all had a fantastic day! Over here thanksgiving isn't celebrated but I asked my family if we could do it and try be American. We weren't able to buy a turkey coz they are flipping expensive but i think we had potatoes and all sat round the table and talked about what we were thankful for. Hopefully one day I can celebrate a traditional thanksgiving, but this year it was a mini kiwi thanksgiving. 
Anyway, this isn't what THIS particular post is about. Last week I received a package from the wonderful Me and My Princess Boutique and I wanted to share with you what I got! 
My package consisted of 2 outfits. 1. A pink stripped bubble dress and bow and the other was a 2 piece, top & leggings. Shoes did not come included in these outfits but man I love these too outfits so much! 
What I enjoy is that these outfits wouldn't be what I have normally have picked for my dolls. I love it when people open my eyes to new things!
I paired the pink dress with Samantha's boots from her flower picking set and the brown shoes from American Girl with the leggings outfit.

These outfits are both wonderfully made and the quality is gorgeous.
I want to thank the amazing Me and My Princess Boutique for sending me this care package. I haven't been feeling the best these past 2 weeks, I've alot of stressful stuff go on and this really brightened my day. Thank you so much :)
Please go check out their shop:
And their Instagram: Me & My Princess Doll Clothes
I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week and hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving and Black Friday sales! 
Happy Doll Loving!


My first attempt at figure photography...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hello! Wow posting on a Friday, so risky! Haha no it's because I have a free day today and was going to take pics in my garden but then this gardener lady and her crew came (I have no idea why, the landlady organized it) And so there will be people in my pics. While I wait for them to LEAVE I thought I would share with you so pics of my new figure I got a few weeks ago.. K-2SO
If you don't know, I am a MASSIVE star wars fan, like you have no idea. I haven't attempted figure photography before and I'm not sure if I'll do more in the future but I follow a lot of people on Instagram who inspired me to try take some photos of K-2SO. I gave it a shot and I love how they turned out ;) 

K-2SO is a droid and is a character from the new upcoming Star Wars movie; "Rogue One" that is coming out in December and I'm so pumped!!! I'm hopefully going to see it with my brother who's a fan too, it's our little tradition :)
If you want to know, this movie on the star wars timeline, is set just before the 1st Star Wars movie (A New Hope) the one with Leia and the hair buns. Just for peeps who aren't knowledgeable about the wars. The plot of the movie is basically a group of rebels stealing the Death Star plans an a whole lot of other stuff goes on as well.
Well story-telling by Lydia (apologies if that just confused you even more!)
This figure is a black series (6 inch I think) and I bought it from a local toy store, but the detailing and quality is so good! I highly recommend this guy if you are into this sort of thing ;)

He can stand on his own and is just a dream! I'm so glad I managed to get him on sale! Well just a quick post today, have a lovely Friday and enjoy your weekend! :D
Happy Doll Loving


Headband Review (succulent)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

*Apologies if the layout of this post is a bit wacky, my computer isn't cooperating.*

Hi guys! I've been meaning to get this review up FOREVER! I've just been feeling quite blah lately, I'm really stressed with exams and my family has been going through some stuff but I won't talk about that, you're here for the review! So a few weeks ago I got a package from the wonderful Allie from labellevie. As you know i have an obsession for flower crowns and I really liked the look of the succulent full crown. It was really different from what I've seen in the world of flower crowns and I fell in love. And Allie was so awesome about organizing international shipping. It was really professional and I am very impressed.

I love the minimalistic packaging and advertising. It was so pretty :) It made me feel like I was getting a gift from a friend and she wrote a note and everything! Love it!

Now let's talk about how it fits on a dolls head. This was designed to for American Girl dolls (or a similar size head) for any of you who were wondering. I had a moment of panic when I first put it on her head because it wouldn't sit right. Look really weird. 

But after some fiddling around I found how to make it sit right, you have to push it right down the back of the head.
As you can see here. Oh you see the missing flower, yeah thats a small problem that I'll talk about it a bit. The actual band that the flowers are glued on is made of this wood stuff. Its hard so that makes the actual size of the headband unadjustable  Hence why I couldn't just place it on the dolls head but really push in down so it didn't look big.

So yeah one of the flowers fell off. That made me sad but I think I can easily fix it with some hot glue. But definitely when I was holding this in my hands it felt very delicate and I was scared I was gonna break it, well my mum did I think. She moved the bag that this was in and when I found it the flower had come off.

But over all I really love this headband. As I said at the beginning I chose this one because I love how unique it looks, the succulents are just really minimal but adds a nice touch to any outfit.

Maple & Luke
I was able to make it casual but I think it could add a beautiful touch to any ensemble. So check out LaBelleVieCo on Instagram & etsy (click to words to go to the sites.)
I think there is some stuff for sale at the moment! :D
I hope you all have a great week, I certainly hope mines a bit brighter! 
Happy Doll Loving 


My doll Halloween costumes 2016!

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hello! Well last weekend/Monday was Halloween! I've never celebrated Halloween before and I have never been a fan of all the scary ghosts and zombie stuff and my family don't celebrate that stuff either so we just dressed as princesses and when to a party with some friends. It was such a fun way to celebrate, except that my sister ate all my lollies so I made her go buy me a packet of them the next day. Anyway I sadly didn't dress up my 18inch dolls but managed to rangle 2 of my barbies into some costumes.

 First up is Oregon's costume. She was a black cat, I was going for the kinda 'wanting to dress up but didn't want to go all out and wear a tail and paws' So I made a little 'attempt of sexy' black dress and some cat ears made out of shared pipe-cleaners. I would say that I will do a tutorial but I really just winged making them. There is probably a tutorial on youtube somewhere :D

The ball of wool is just some yarn glued together, now I can't decide if I needed to make it bigger or smaller because the scale doesn't quite seem right? I can't figure it out

She has this ninja cat pose going on! Honestly I don't know what she's doing! 

Next is Chandler's costume. I love her in gold oh my gosh!! 

And I want to clarify, I don't take ballet so these poses are probably incorrect but they look cool right?!

I need to learn to make tights coz this skirt was getting a little bit short! Not gonna lie, I purposely took these pics from a higher angle or we were gonna have some problems >.<

So graceful!

And those are my 2 doll costumes I worked on for 2016! I personally did what Oregon did but I was a minion, so I had a denim skirt overall and a yellow t-shirt and I was set! Now that halloween is over we have a straight run until christmas, well you Americans have thanksgiving but lets just think about CHRISTMAS!!!
I hope you enjoyed seeing these costumes, which was your favourite?
Happy Doll Loving!

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