Caroline looking fierce and feminine and just absolutely slaying

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Howdy! Hope you are all doing well! Lol the title of this post is literal what I think every time I see these photos! Mwa ha ha  Caroline is life oh my gosh!
I teased a photo from this shoot in my last tutorial on how to do the hairstyle that caroline is wearing and now I present you with the whole shoot! 

No if you follow me on insta you would have seen a few pics already so don't spoil it for the others! Lol I'm joking, anyway, she is dressed very different than I've ever done before. 
I have never drawn or added anything to my dolls before so this was a big step for me placing rhinestones on her! 

It was so funny! I had so many thoughts going through my head when I was dressing her for this shoot:
~ I'll just give her a minimal necklace, that will be nice,
~ Ooo that will make a cool bracelet!
~ Hey I found those rhinestones I bought ages ago!
~ Omg what if I put one on her temple it would be like so chick.
~ Oh ok she now has rhinestones all up her arms. Oh and now on her face.
~ I'm kinda going for a tribal princess theme, I do hope I'm not being culturally rude by doing this.
~ Is this ok?! Will they come of?! Oh whew they do!
~ She looks like that character from Game Of Thrones that Emilia Clarke plays. Wait how do I know that I don't even watch that show?! 
google images
~ Damn she looks preeety! Oh caroline stop it! 

Her necklaces and bracelet is actually just my (stolen) sister's necklaces wrapped around so that the pendants are hidden, clever eh?! 

That last one is probs my favourite! But I am so in love with these photos so sorry that a lot of them look the same but I just wanted to dump them all on ya! I'm am planning of having much fewer photos in my shoot but have the dolls in different poses or whatever.. It'll be harder work but I want to achieve that with my doll photography!!  (Hope that makes sense..)
(Also excuse that velcro sticking 
at the front of her dress, so profesh!) 

 I am working on something which has been so fun and cannot wait to share it with you!!! Should I share a pic....
ok I will but I'll make them small so its kinda hard to see..

Have any ideas what I could be up to?

Happy doll loving!

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