American Girl dolls

Here is a list of all my current American Girl dolls. They are not in any order :)

Carrie (Originally my sisters Beforever Julie, I re-wigged her with a Ruby Red Galleria Wig  in early 2017)
I created Carrie in 2017

Casaleah (Grace - GOTY 2015)
I got Casaleah in 2015
Josefina (Historical Doll- Josefina)
I got her for my birthday in July of 2011 (first ever doll and started off this whole obsession ^.^)
Kendall (Originally McKenna GOTY 2012, re-wigged her with Ruby Red Galleria wig in Jan 2016)
I created Kendall in early 2016
Maple (Lea GOTY 2016)
I got her in September 2016
Cecile (Historical Doll - Cecile)
I got her in 2014
Caroline (Historical Doll- Caroline)
I got Caroline in 2015

Isabelle ( Isabelle GOTY 2014)
I got Isabelle in 2014

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