Christmas, New Years & Spreading the love

Friday, December 30, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I had such a wonderful christmas. My younger sister who went into surgery was able to come out the day before christmas so that was amazing. On christmas day we just stayed at home because my sister can't go anywhere in her condition. But it was really nice just hanging with my family and relaxing!

One of the best things about the christmas season is the spirit that everyone gets into. I decided to spread the christmas love and let my younger sisters take some doll photos whilst I was taking these christmas themed pics:)

The girls really enjoyed setting up little scenes and raiding the christmas tree for decorations use. And yes we were all in our pajamas with bad bed hair >.< 

My sister is in a cast on both legs but we improvised by placing dolls n it like a bench :)
The concentration was very real..
 I gave one the iPad and my other sister used my phone. 

My dolls were covered in tinsel, placed in the tree, surrounded by ornaments and it was great fun to share my hobby with my sisters and spread the love this christmas in a simple way.

I hope that you had a fantastic christmas with your family and friends! Have a great New Year! 
Here's to an amazing year in 2017! *raises glass*

Happy Doll Loving


Just a catch up..

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hello everyone! I just wanted to catch up with you all because It has been quite hectic with exams and life. Wow I have been very busy the last week and a bit! All last week I had auditions for my school musical. It was scary but I got a lead part which I am so happy about! I now have to learn a north irish accent for it.. that's gonna be tricky! and the weeks before that I had my end of year exams!
My holidays have finally started which it great! My exams are done, auditions are over and I'm going down to visit my older sister and brother this week which I am so excited for! We are gonna see ROGUE ONE! I am just dying to go! 
I have quite a lot going on in my house at the moment, my younger sister is about to go in for a major operation and probably won't come out before christmas so that is putting a weight on our shoulders. So I haven't been as active on here and Instagram because of that. I may try take some photos but I just have lot of other stuff on at the moment.
I just wanted to touch-base with you guys and tell ya whats going on for me. I'm currently listening to Belfast radio to learn that accent lol. It's so hard to understand them lololol! Ok well I'm off! I hope you have a great week and isn't as intense as mine!!
Happy Doll Loving


Did some embroidery....

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Hello all! These past few weeks I have been experimenting with some embroidery! I have done a little bit of cross stitching in the past but not much though I really enjoyed it! So I thought it would be fun to do some little designs to spice up some outfits I've been sewing lately.

I didn't follow a pattern for these flowers, I kinda just made it up but I want to get some books out from the library about hand embroidary and attempt some more designs and maybe some letters, I think that would be so cool!

This is the design on the skirt, I made these skirt overalls from a pair of my sisters old jeans. I think they are super cute with the headband and everything!

Oh and who can forget Log, the Lamb-Dog! I posted a pic on instagram and you guys seemed to have liked his name! It's a bit silly but it suits him!

I was going for that kinda of doodle style with the flowers where not every petal is the same etc.. I don't know but I really loved how they came out!!

Thanks so much for reading! I've finally finished all my exams and I am just relaxing and distressing. But I have auditions for my school musical over the next few days so that doesn't help with the stress, but oh well! I need to take some more photos! I'm loving everyone's dolls and christmas tree photos so I might try that with our tree... I'll just see what happens! But my family is getting ready for christmas and I'm getting ready to go down and see ROGUE ONE WITH MY OLDER BROTHER NEXT WEEEEEK!! I'm so excited! Ok I love you guys and talk soon
Happy Doll Loving
P.S have you guys ever tried embroidery of any kind? Do you like to spice up your dolls clothes like that?! Tell me down below!

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