Lydia's Dolls got a makeover

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What do you think of the blog's new look? 

I quite like it personally! 

So here is the new blog, I've added a few new pages at the top of it if you want to check them out :)

 I also have moved, I'm in my new house which is awesome! 

Well keep smiling! I hope you like the new blog as much as I do!
Happy Doll Loving

Clara's dress: Mattel
Chandler's romper: Me

going minimal.. well attempting to.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


So the past few weeks I have been very stressed and wanting to make a change in my lifestyle. I want to build healthy habits in my life etc.. in my research I stumbled along minimalism and just loved the whole vibe of it. (just go look up some vids on youtube and see for yourself) It really inspired me to declutter and really look into the lifestyle and see if changing up the things I'm doing everyday could help with my illness and general sense of happiness.

My room is extremely cluttered. Let's be real. My brain is extremely busy and I loved bright colours and sparkles and things being really busy to look at. I had a lot of things on display and a lot of dust started to gather. I constantly found that I had no room to work anywhere, my desk would always be covered with stuff. So I decided to seriously declutter because I found I would get so overwhelmed by the stuff around me even though I thought that I loved seeing all those things.

this is kinda embarrassing but here is a look of my room, now mind you this was in the throws of decluttering, but there is still a hella lot of stuff in there!

So you get the idea, I have a lot of things and trinkets, so much that a space can become very small very fast. It's actually kinda gross

Doing all this decluttering got me thinking about my toy & doll collection. Before I had the mindset that I just wanted anything. I wanted to chase down multiple toy lines and have them all. But after a while it got really hard for me financially and emotionally. I like to have attachments to my dolls and have them feel special to me. But I had so many it was just too much and I just felt so obligated to buy certain things.

so I re-evaluated my collection. I looked at all my toys and asked myself, which do I actually love and which do i like (or think I love) and I found that i really love my American girl dolls, they hold a special place in my heart and my barbies. the rest I found that i only liked them. so I decided to put all my other dolls and toys in a box that I'm going to save for when my sister and her husband have kids. That way they can enjoy them but they won't be cluttering up my space.

I feel really good about this decision. I think my bank will too. All my dolls are packed up in boxes but my collection has seriously downsized and I'm planning on maybe selling some. I want every doll in my collection to bring me joy, I don't really want to go for quantity. I want to love every single doll, not just like i t. I'm not sure I'm still just figuring this all out.

from now on my blog may be a little bit different, I'm planning on changing the layout soon (it's one of my favourite things to do, change the look of my blog) . So instead of seeing many different dolls I'm going to focus my doll lens to american girl and barbie.

I cannot wait to show you my new room, i'm gonna try theme it omg! What do you think about your doll collection? do you like to just keep to one type of doll? or many? if you are feeling overwhelmed by your collection or your room maybe try decluttering, it's really fun. Also check out some minimalism videos on youtube. You may get inspired!

have a fab day, I'm currently surrounded by moving boxes and have to go pack more after this!
happy doll lovin


Some news.. Moving house.. again.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Long time no see, well it feels that way for me! I have had a lot of things changing in my life at the moment. My parents have decided to move back across the country to my old town. So that means another school change and more change which I just don't cope well with honestly. I'm also performing my musical this week. So I have been very nervous and my anxiety levels have been super high lately. But at the same time the excitement is just through the roof! So many feels!!
I've also made some changes in my lifestyle and it has affected my doll collection and the way I'm going to approach doll collecting in the future. I am planning a post explaining all of this. It will probably happen after I've moved. I leave on the 20th of april, it's all happening so fast omg.
So here are some old photos to fill out this post but I just wanted to fill you all in of what's happening for me at the moment, also in regards to my giveaway for 1000 followers on instagram (sorry for being inactive on there lately) I will do it after I've moved, just due to the amount of stress i'm under at the moment. 

Have a fantastic week loves and happy april! Isn't it easter soon? I can never figure out the exact date(s) of Easter lol! 
Love you all

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