An ornament inspired project (Part 3) Oregon & The Bunny

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Alrighty guys this is Part 3 of An Ornament Inspired Project! If you haven't read Part 1 & 2 click on the numbers and go check them out! 

Bad quality progress pics for this post too, but not a too bad one of Oregon is start us of eh?
smile for the camera honey!

The Doll
Fun Fact; I actually purchased Oregon on my first and only trip to a Target store when I visited the US last year! So she's pretty cool :) But I chose her for this look because I wanted a bit of diversity in my models for this project and also she looked REALLY nice in the pink! Like really nice :D

The Fabrics
I didn't have trouble choosing the fabrics for this dress, my sister had some scraps of the hot pink left over from when she made pillows last year and I bought this cute floral one a while ago and found it in the bottom of my fabric box. They both just sing together so they were a match!

The Muse

As you can see this little bunny was so dirty! Like gross! But I actually didn't clean her before making the dress, no idea why i guess I couldn't be bothered honestly, and I didn't realize that there was actually purple flowers in her flower basket! I didn't incorporate and purple into the dress and now you know why ;-*

I cleaned her the same way I did the fox, just warm water a bit of hand soap and a clean toothbrush and VIOLA! All shiny!
The Design
Some of the things I wanted to take from the ornament and add into the dress:
1. FLOWERS! Loving the flowery feel I was getting from this bunny!
2. The colours I was gonna use were pink and white.
3. The vibes I was getting/ thoughts that were going through my head
~ picnic
~ barefoot
~ spring

I cannot draw for the life of my I know.

Now it may seem weird that I used words like picnic, flower, graceful but I think that's just the way  my brain works! I'm just giving you guys a peek inside my head with these posts ^.^ But I used these words when I was sewing and setting up the photoshoot and it really helped me bring in character and such.. Yeah..

The Hair
As you can see from the design, I had multiple ideas for what to do with her hair, I was going to try make a flower crown coz guys I love flowers crowns like I want so many flower crowns for my dolls its not funny, I need to learn to make them! So I think that will be a project for another week!

But if you read the making of Apollo's outfit you would of known I had a bit of trouble with the headscarves but the universe must have wanted Oregon to have a headscarf because first try, I tied a piece around her head and it looked fabulous!
(Well it was late so I couldn't be bothered making it look legit but I liked how it turned out!)

Also I always have Oregon's hair in a big bun, that's just her signature hairdo and it works! So I am very happy with the way her hair came out!

And also right from the start I knew that she wasn't going to be wearing shoes with this outfit because I was going for the relaxed, sitting on the lawn look, I don't know she just wasn't going to wear shoes ok!
Now i wish I had a doll picnic basket because I wanted to set up a little picnic photoshoot
 but i did my best :) 
She kept the brackets that she had when I bought her just to jazz up her outfit but I was going pretty minimal on the jewelry.

It took me 3 photo attempts to finally get nice photos of Oregon in this dress! I went out on 3 separate occasions and they all looked really off, or the editing just didn't look right. I used some of them in these posts but you know when some photos don't just click with you? That was happening with me.
But I needed to get this post up so I though it I just merge them all together we should be good! Lydia's logic :)
And that brings us to the end of Part 3 of An Ornament Inspired Project, I had such fun making these dresses and they were a challenge too. Which one was your favourite?

Or Oregon's?
Check out Apollo's post here

I thought this would be the end of an ornament inspired project but my dad handed me 2 new ornaments a few days ago! I'll show you in other a future post I can't get the photo over! Maybe I'll try make a outfit for an American Girl doll next time

Haha but don't worry it will be a few weeks before a get those posts up!  I have other posts planned! This will probably be a continuous thing I'll try group all these posts together under a Label. I need to sort that situation out! Ok enough rambling! Goodnight my lovelies!
Happy doll loving
Love Lydia

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