My doll Halloween costumes 2016!

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hello! Well last weekend/Monday was Halloween! I've never celebrated Halloween before and I have never been a fan of all the scary ghosts and zombie stuff and my family don't celebrate that stuff either so we just dressed as princesses and when to a party with some friends. It was such a fun way to celebrate, except that my sister ate all my lollies so I made her go buy me a packet of them the next day. Anyway I sadly didn't dress up my 18inch dolls but managed to rangle 2 of my barbies into some costumes.

 First up is Oregon's costume. She was a black cat, I was going for the kinda 'wanting to dress up but didn't want to go all out and wear a tail and paws' So I made a little 'attempt of sexy' black dress and some cat ears made out of shared pipe-cleaners. I would say that I will do a tutorial but I really just winged making them. There is probably a tutorial on youtube somewhere :D

The ball of wool is just some yarn glued together, now I can't decide if I needed to make it bigger or smaller because the scale doesn't quite seem right? I can't figure it out

She has this ninja cat pose going on! Honestly I don't know what she's doing! 

Next is Chandler's costume. I love her in gold oh my gosh!! 

And I want to clarify, I don't take ballet so these poses are probably incorrect but they look cool right?!

I need to learn to make tights coz this skirt was getting a little bit short! Not gonna lie, I purposely took these pics from a higher angle or we were gonna have some problems >.<

So graceful!

And those are my 2 doll costumes I worked on for 2016! I personally did what Oregon did but I was a minion, so I had a denim skirt overall and a yellow t-shirt and I was set! Now that halloween is over we have a straight run until christmas, well you Americans have thanksgiving but lets just think about CHRISTMAS!!!
I hope you enjoyed seeing these costumes, which was your favourite?
Happy Doll Loving!

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  1. How darling and creative! I love your costumes!

  2. These are sooo cute! The photogrophy is amazing!

  3. Lovely photos! I think the costumes are so creative! And it sounds like you had a fun Halloween, too. :-)
    I was Sandy from Grease for Halloween. My friend invited myself a bunch of other girls over to her house and we all went trick-or-treating together. One of my friends was a pink lady (also from Grease) and we didn't plan it at all, so it was really funny. xD

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Thanks lydia! Haha what a coincidence! I love your costume, that is such a good idea! :0

  4. Lydia, your dolls look awesome in their very nice costumes. It is indeed a very fun holiday for us!

    1. Ah thanks Phyllis! I loved making these costumes :)


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