Headband Review (succulent)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

*Apologies if the layout of this post is a bit wacky, my computer isn't cooperating.*

Hi guys! I've been meaning to get this review up FOREVER! I've just been feeling quite blah lately, I'm really stressed with exams and my family has been going through some stuff but I won't talk about that, you're here for the review! So a few weeks ago I got a package from the wonderful Allie from labellevie. As you know i have an obsession for flower crowns and I really liked the look of the succulent full crown. It was really different from what I've seen in the world of flower crowns and I fell in love. And Allie was so awesome about organizing international shipping. It was really professional and I am very impressed.

I love the minimalistic packaging and advertising. It was so pretty :) It made me feel like I was getting a gift from a friend and she wrote a note and everything! Love it!

Now let's talk about how it fits on a dolls head. This was designed to for American Girl dolls (or a similar size head) for any of you who were wondering. I had a moment of panic when I first put it on her head because it wouldn't sit right. Look really weird. 

But after some fiddling around I found how to make it sit right, you have to push it right down the back of the head.
As you can see here. Oh you see the missing flower, yeah thats a small problem that I'll talk about it a bit. The actual band that the flowers are glued on is made of this wood stuff. Its hard so that makes the actual size of the headband unadjustable  Hence why I couldn't just place it on the dolls head but really push in down so it didn't look big.

So yeah one of the flowers fell off. That made me sad but I think I can easily fix it with some hot glue. But definitely when I was holding this in my hands it felt very delicate and I was scared I was gonna break it, well my mum did I think. She moved the bag that this was in and when I found it the flower had come off.

But over all I really love this headband. As I said at the beginning I chose this one because I love how unique it looks, the succulents are just really minimal but adds a nice touch to any outfit.

Maple & Luke
I was able to make it casual but I think it could add a beautiful touch to any ensemble. So check out LaBelleVieCo on Instagram & etsy (click to words to go to the sites.)
I think there is some stuff for sale at the moment! :D
I hope you all have a great week, I certainly hope mines a bit brighter! 
Happy Doll Loving 

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  1. This is beautiful!! I love the minimalist style flower crowns; I am in LOVE with flower crowns, but most ones for AG dolls are way too big and out of scale. This one is a perfect scale!! ~Marissa

    1. Thank you Marissa! Yes I love the minimalism effect of this particular flower crown. I also love how flower crowns can be Over The Top or just subtle accessories to an outfit. The opportunities are endless!! :D


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