Review of Lammily 'Liberty' dress from AllySews!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

*I just want to say that I don't know like the proper/correct sewing terms very well so if there are some mistakes, I'm sorry*

Hey guys! If you read my last post you will know that yesterday I received my parcel fom AllySews yesterday and I'm super excited to do this review for you! So lets get started.

So for any of you that are not sure what a LAMMILY doll is heres a brief description from google;
"The Lammily doll is the first fashion doll made according to typical human body proportions to promote realistic beauty standards and help your child develop a positive body image! Eleven inches tall and ready for action with articulated elbows, hands, knees, and feet."

So these dolls can't fit any other fashion doll clothing (not that i know of) So my poor girl has been in her meet outfit ever since I got her. Beginning of 2015. 
I've tried sewing but i found it really difficult to make a dress look flattering on her figure due to broad shoulders and chest. Let me tell you, boob-tubes were not my friend in this situation 😂

So I resorted to etsy, where i stumbled across listing for a dress for a lammily doll! And it looked really good on her! So I immediately bought it! And thats where this review starts.

Ok so I forgot to take a picture of the packaging because i was so excited to open it! #sorrynotsorry

(Enjoy these lovely boring/blurry/taken really quick photos for this review 😂)

So the dress is reasonably simple in it shape; Spaghetti straps, heart neckline and the bodice goes to the waist. Which actually looks quite nice! 
And the skirt is my favourite bit. I didn't realize how much there would be! Looking at the pics online I thought it would just be a simple, straight down skirt but when I put it on the doll I found it came out like a full circle skirt! 
Its also a very modest length, not to short but also doesn't make her legs look stubby.

Next up, the fabric it's made out of is just so beautiful! Super soft and the pattern is perfect to scale and is so vibrant! Really suits the doll :)

Lol excuse her butt. But the back opens right down to hem which makes it really easy to put on.

Now to be honest when I first put the dress on I started to panic because to wouldn't come together at the back. It was too tight. But after wiggling it around at the front a pulling the straps up it fit. But very very snug. As you can see above around the lower waist the velcro is slightly struggling to close. But looking at the dress on the doll, it doesn't looked strained or anything so thats good .👍🏼 

The bodice is nicely lined with a contrasting fabric. And the velcro isn't bulky at all and is securely sewed on the dress.

And is has to darts in the front and a few pleats/gathers (lol don't know which) at the front of the skirt.

All the edges have been nicely overlocked. Nicely done and really professional.

Ok so there is one thing that sadly lets the dress down and that is the small amount of messy stitches  on the left (our right) strap. also where it connects to the bodice, it needs to me just stitched a few more times to make it secure. 

I can easily fix that but the creator just may wanna look out for things like that in the future ☺️

So final thoughts...
I absolutely love this dress! It was so much more than I imagined! Very well made and nice finish! (Except for that strap) But overall I give in a solid 8.5/10. If the strap was sorted out and maybe a little bit looser around the waist, just so it wasn't too tight it would've got a 10 😄
But you know she's a human being, not a machine so I totally don't mind the small mistake!

So please go check out ALLYSEWS (etsy) and her BLOG and INSTAGRAM !!
I absolutely love her clothing and will definitely be buying from her in the future. She sells for American Girl (and the 18" dolls), Barbie, Lammily and others! She chooses excellent bright contrasting fabrics and her designs are so cute and suit dolls ever so much! 

Thanks for reading my first ever review! Will try do more of these as I hunt the internet for more dolly things! 😈
Lots of Love 

Doll; Original Lammily Doll
Name: Natalie
Dress: Allysews

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