AG rumors?!?! Oh and some Isabelle

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ok so I was on Instagram today and someone posted and asked about what we thought of the American Girl rumors that are going around at the moment. They are;
1. AG is thinking of discontinuing the GOTY (Girl of the Year) line.
2. Adding Boy Dolls into the mix.
3. Having a custom creating station at the AG Place.. (I think thats it)

When I heard this i was like
Um my brain can't handle the jandel! Let's start with number 1. 
DISCONTINTUING GOTY'S!!! *faints* Ok I personally feel that The Girl Of The Year dolls are so unique to American Girl. I don't think that any other doll lines have so much hype, make a movie, go on national television to release one doll. I don't know the statistics but I wouldn't be surprised if the GOTY made loads of money for AG. And I love them so much! So I really hope this rumor is not true.
Here's a pic of Isabelle just to calm us down.

2. The second rumor is adding boy dolls into the doll lines. Now I'm not against guys liking AG or dolls in general, in fact i think it's awesome. But AG is targeted towards girls. It was founded on demonstrating good morals for young girls and teaching them about the American history through dolls. 

And I feel that if they started gearing towards boys then they would loose all that momentum of girl empowerment. Now thats a bit extreme I know but think about it.. American GIRL. The whole brand is directed towards girls and if they stop doing that or don't put all their effort into that i think that they will lose some of their supporters. 

I fear that if they did make a boy doll that he wouldn't be.. how to do i explain this.. 
Ok. American Girl has the tendency to throw sparkles and bright colors at things, yes it attracts young girls and sometime me too. But I wouldn't want that to be translated into a boy.

No, I'm not saying that they would covered him in sparkles. Please. But I just think that the style of AG wouldn't fit a boy doll as such.. 

I don't want to be disrespectful but I personally think, if you want a boy doll (which I'm seriously thinking about) create him yourself. He will be so much more special that way. And if you can't make one there are loads of artists who create custom AG dolls, theres no excuse!! Mwa ha ha ha 

I feel bad because this is a very thin line that I'm treading about the whole: can boys like AG or dolls in general even if it wasn't made for them etc.. 
I just wanna say, I love it when I see guy doll & toy collectors/lovers, they bring just as much passion as female collectors and who gives a crap if the doll or toy was meant for you anyway! American Girl was meant for the young girls of America, hell I'm a teenager and live on the other side of the world and I love it with all my heart! So whatever age, gender, religion you are.. I don't care. If you love dolls who even cares what other people think.
Just had to get that off my chest.

Now onto number 3. Having custom stations at the AG Place... Can't you do that online? On the American Girl website? Well at least you used too, I spent hours on there! 
I personally think this could really backfire, with people wanting many specific things for their doll and the fact that its face to face in a store I think people would file customer complaints more because I noticed people get a lot more rude and picky when they are speaking in person. If they want to do more custom creating I think they should put a lot of effort into the website where people can do it. Making more variety, add more special things etc.. I'm not a fan of it being in stores :)

So to recap. American Girl please don't discontinue the GOTY line of dolls!!! They are awesome!! 
I'm not super fazed about AG making boy dolls, like I'm not waving a pitchfork about it but if they did they would need to do it well. Thats all.
If they were to have a instore custom making station thingy then they would need to have it seriously planned out but I'm not keen on that, invest in the online version, improving it and such :)

So what do you think?! Do you agree or disagree with me? Are they any other rumors floating around? Tell me down below, I'd love to have some good old fashioned banter! 

DISCLAIMER ~ I did no research when I was writing this so the info may or may not be true I legit just wrote from the top of my head :) lol in the future I'll try research and produce actual evidence 😹

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  1. Some random thoughts:

    I think the boy rumour is just because they trademarked the name, and I suspect that's just so that no other company can use the name (which would weaken their brand), so I doubt that that one is happening.

    As for the GOTY, considering all the leftover Isabelles and Saiges, I wouldn't be surprised if they're going to make some changes to that line, but I think it will probably be a revamp rather than doing away with them all together (along the lines of the BeForever launch).

    I hadn't heard that custom station rumour - I suppose that since My Twinn went under there's a gap in the market there, but at the same time it seems like it would probably be more expensive than it's worth...

    1. Hey jSarie,
      Yes thats a good thought, makes sense as well! Imagine the confusion people would have with an American Boy brand on the market too 😬

      Wow I didn't realize there were so many left over GOTY's. I agree, I've heard other people saying that AG will revamped the line just like BeForever. I don't mind that 😚

      I didn't know about that My Twinn brand, I just went and did some research. They looked awesome! Sad that there business failed 😔 I would have liked to get one of those! Yep I still think they should just make even more variety to fill the void of what My Twinn had going on. Because they could create very unique dolls 😄
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😘

    2. Oh, I see! :) and Lydia, may I say that your photography is GORGEOUS! Like REALLY good.

    3. Thank you so much Buzzaboutag! 😍

  2. Would you like to chat with me Lydia?

    1. Hi Bella! Yeah sure we can chat in the comments here or if you want to email me at
      Sorry my replying may be be inconsistent because of the time zone differences >.<


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