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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hey guys! I am currently sitting inside on a gloomy day on the 3rd day of babysitting my younger sisters. My parents went away for the weekend so I'm playing mum for a few days.. Lol shout out to all mums out there.. It's hard! Haha anyway! For my christmas present my mum got me a Project Mc2 doll! (The one on the left. I bought the one on the right when I to America in 2015.. wow  like nearly 2 years ago... how time flies. 
I renamed them Erin and Andrea. (thanks for the name suggestions on Instagram
I just wanted to share this pic with you and talk about another type of doll that these lovely ladies remind me of, and that's Liv Dolls. I personally don't have any but I really some now! A lovely commenter told me about them and I've been looking on ebay and seen some that tickle my fancy but I just don't want to pay the insane shipping that is double the actual cost of the dolls!

For those of you who don't know my struggle with shipping just read THIS POST
And for those of you who don't have a clue what liv dolls are, this is what they look like
google images
Spin Master Ltd is the Canadian toy manufacturer that produced the Liv dolls from 2009 to 2012.  The line was discontinued and replaced with another line of dolls named 'La Dee Da' that was discontinued in 2014. (taken from Liv Dolls Wiki) I am so bummed that they have been discontinued. I always come late to the party! It happened with My Twinn dolls too. But I should be able to find some on the secondary market. The story of my life.

Here are some things about liv dolls that I think are pretty cool!
  • The dolls had acrylic eyes that look super similar to glass inset eyes which I LOVE! (Hence why I like Project Mc2 dolls too) You don't see this often in 12" dolls.
  • They had up to 14 points of articulation. Now that is fantastic! I just love articulated dolls! 
  • I've also heard that they can change their wigs! Isn't that awesome! 
Those are just some of the aspects of live dolls that have stood out to me. Do you have a liv doll or a project Mc2 doll? I am liking the look of these liv dolls more and more! Do you think I should invest in some? They would be a fun project to clean up! Tell me your thoughts down below 
Happy Doll Loving 

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  1. If you want reviews on both of these products, check out the Toy Box Philosopher! It has great reviews on AG and OG products, too.


    P.S. Check out my blog, Sew Sweet Dollies

    1. Ooo I love the Toy Box Philsopher! I will have to check out her liv doll reviews! i didn't know she had any :D Thanks for informing me and I'll happily check out your blog :)

  2. I've seen Project MC2 dolls everywhere, they look so pretty! I love your new doll, she's beautiful <3 I'm saving up for an American Girl doll, but I'm tempted...

    1. Thanks hon! They are super pretty! I seriously suggest them Audrey! :D

  3. I totally love the Liv dolls! My daughter actually got one from a thrift store and once I got into doll collecting in 2014, I found the Toy Box Philosopher as well and found her Liv doll reviews and was like.."hey, we have that!" I've been in love with them ever since. I also came late to the game though, so had to get mine through eBay as well. Totally worth it, they are so fun! I have one more to get "Hayden" and then I will have one of each character. They are so fun to photograph! :)

    1. Oh wow! I wish I could find dolls like that in thrift stores over here, I have a feeling I'm gonna be ordering some from eBay very soon ^.^ I'm growing more and more in love! :D


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