My first photoshoot in the park!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hello all! Ok so I have just been on a high this past week! The positivity that I received from my last post on here on Instagram was so incredible, but also reading your stories and seeing your inspired just made me more inspired! I was so filled with inspiration and ready to take photos but the weather decided to throw days of rain at us and shows no signs of stopping! So that rained on my parade, maybe I'll have to finally learn how to take photos inside O_o  I have felt a bit crummy the last few days but have been on a editing spree! But as promised I am gonna show you the pics I took at my local park last week! 
Now I am experimenting a lot with my photography, i want to push my boundaries and learn new things so the new things I tried were.

2. It was 12 noon not my usual time and golden (4.30pm coz it's winter)
3. Using a proper reflector which I still have really no idea how to use, but hey we're all friends right?!

Also I've recently been experimenting with my editing system and figured out, after ages of failing, how to blur the background a bit more! So my photos will vary I just love playing around with my pics! 

When selecting these photos I found it so hard to find and non blurring ones, I didn't realize it but I must have been shaking so hard! Lol that's embarrassing but it's the truth and I want to be honest with you guys, I was darn nervous taking these photos but I had my younger sister with my and she was happy taking pics and rearranging the doll and such. It will get easier with time!

I have never taken a photo like the one below, with the light reflecting so much onto the doll and I did not really know what to do but I just went with it! 

So to finish, this was my first photoshoot in a very public place! I was nervous as hell, I will admit that! But I am gonna go out again because I enjoyed it and I am one step closer to overcoming the fear!  Yes people walked past and probs thought I was weird but who are they to me?! I don't need their opinions in my life! Go out my lovelies and enjoy your dolls and who cares what anyone else thinks right!? Haha #dollypride
Happy Doll Loving 

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