An ornament inspired project! (Part 1- INTRO)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hi guys! So this past week I have been working on a project and I am really proud of it actually so this is the first part, its just an intro. This will span over maybe 3 posts?.. Yeah so lets get started!
You may be wondering what I'm on about and basically I attempted to create 2 dresses/looks inspired by a ornament.
I am not a seamstress,
or an artist
and this was the first time doing anything like this. 
I'm trying to teach myself to be more creative.. Yeah still working on that.

Here's the 2 dresses!

So this began when my my dad went away for a week on business and bought me back 2 small ornaments from a thrift store! I was thrilled and thought they would be perfect for my project. 

I'll talk about each individual one in their assigned posts but in this post I want to talk about the actual sewing of the dresses because let me tell you. 
It was a slightly humbling experience.

So I haven't had miles of sewing experience but what I have had, has kinda gone pretty well, I've picked up the pattern/instructions easily or whatever and I'm proud of the results. It'll only take me 1 draft try and then the next few I'll be happy with.
Well that was NOT THE CASE for me this past week. I wasn't being cocky with myself but I think in the back of my mind I was like; "This will be easy!" 
It wasn't.

I bought a cheap pattern of etsy for an 60's retro dress, and blouse and trousers for barbie doll. It was really good but I found it really difficult with the scale (my prev. sewing experience is with AG (18') dolls). And it was asking me to hem a collar that was like a millimeter long and I was like,  Hella NOOOO!! I'm not that good yet! (slight exaggeration but you know what i mean) 


So every night for a week I would sit at my sewing machine and sew a dress. And they would look horrible.

I tried different types of fabrics and patterns.

 Slow improvements...

And finally by the end of the week I had figured out that if I iron the heck out of the fabric and make an (attempt of an)  bodice lining it gives it a nicer finish :) Well for me anyway!

It also goes to show persistence and practice people!!

So it took me 10 tries to get to a place where I happy kinda happy with the product. The dresses I've made are not perfect, there are stray threads, bulky gathers all that jazz but I am so proud of my self that I don't even care!

Here's a dress thats not part of this project but I'll take pics of it sometime!
And I'm very proud of myself because even though I didn't get it the 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 8th time I did not shed a single tear of frustration! 

So many dresses!!! 

So I had found a light at the end of my hall and decided to now attempt to sew the actual dresses I had planned to sew all along!

This was a humbling week but I have achieved alot! I'm like sky high right now!! 

In the last post I showed you 2 pics, hinting this project. Does it make a little bit more sense now? Which dress would you like to see first?  I will show you the design and a little bit of the thought process that went into them!

Apollo in a Sailor Fox inspired look?

Or Oregon in this pink flowery dress?

Happy doll loving!

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    1. Thanks Bella! Isn't it cute! I just love those flowers on her! :D


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