Hip Hip Hooray it's my 16th birthday!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Well if you read the title you will know that today's my birthday! Wow 16 years ago I came into this world. Lol that sounded weird.. But you know.. I did.

Though I have to be honest this year I wasn't super excited because it marks that I've had my chronic migraines & fatigue for over a year now. So I was feeling a bit down in the dumps but my family cheered me up and I was like to my migraines:

So I made sure that today I enjoyed myself  no matter how bad I'm feeling and actually its been a really nice day today.
I kinda just relaxed, and in the evening my parents took me out to an amazing Thai restaurant and then out to have an ice cream! We topped of the night by me teaching them Pokemon Go and us walking around a massive park filled with other people playing it in the dark as well! That was quite funny! 

Yes I didn't get many presents and I chickened out from asking my parents for Lea (AG 2016 GOTY) for my birthday because there is just a lot going on right now and it didn't quite feel right, but that doesn't mean I can't save up for her and buy her as a gift-to-myself right? 😏 And also as I get older it's not really about presents anymore, tho I do seriously enjoy them! Mwa ha ha!

Here's some pics of Kendall and my practice of indoor photography just to break up the post 😄

But I did get a semi-surprise birthday gift today because I ordered something off etsy a few weeks ago and today when I went and checked the mailbox I found my order from AllySews arrived right on my birthday!! Its a new dress for my lammily doll! I will have photos and a review up soon! Its such a pretty dress! Oh my word. That made me so happy!! 

And thats all I have to say really! Today I turned 16, let this next year be a good one, come what may ☺️ *raises glass* Cheers!

(So just to end this, the last 2 times I've showcased Kendall I've tried some cute hairstyles just playing around with her curls but was wondering if you guys would like to see a tutorial for them? I was thinking that would be a fun little project for me to do? Would you guys like to see that? Or have you seen any hairstyles on the world wide web that you think would look cute on a AG doll, I'd love to give them a go 😋 Comment down below!)

Examples of what could be in the tutorial 
Hairstyle 1.

Hairstyle 2.

What do ya think? 😜

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! *showers you with confetti* *party music* *hands you cupcake*

  2. Wow! Happy birthday! I'm glad you had such a nice day!:D It sounded like a lot of fun!
    I would love to see a tutorial of the second hairstyle, it looks so pretty!:)

  3. Haha!! Thank you blurryface your fellow emo-ish alpaca! *Eats cupcake* It tastes real good!
    Thanks Emma! Ok I'll see what I can do 😉
    TY Maddie! :-*


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